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Voice of the Wallet

Author: Rajasekaran Danasekaran.
249 Inclusive of all taxes.
“Voice of the Wallet- To the ears of the rich and the minds of the poor”  is a book that will help to understand the mindsets of the rich and poor in various aspects. This book is for people around the world who are looking for a new version of themselves and ready to crack the shell to taste the real nut. If you are really looking for a paradigm shift in your life -then this book is for you. This book can act like an Alum which separate the dust from the disturbed contaminated water, the same way your disturbed thoughts will get separated and you can find the crystal clear pathway to achieve your dreams and live powerfully. In this book where ever Rich and poor words coming, its being referred to rich mindset people and poor mindset people only on the mindset level not on the total money someone having. Rajasekaran has taken a refreshing approach to a very important topic about Money, where people think Richness and Penniless are based on money, fame Etc.. But it’s absolutely based on each Person’s Mindset.
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